Hypoglycemia is the term for low blood glucose (sugar).

Ice and elevate your foot as much as possible the first week after surgery.

podiatry services. A surgeon will remove the damaged tissue and keep as much healthy tissue as possible.

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Hypoglycemia is the term for low blood glucose (sugar). Some people with nerve damage have no symptoms. Surgery to remove bony prominence on the bottom of the foot —This type of surgery removes the large, bony bump that occurs on the bottom of the foot due to diabetic collapse.

Wear a surgical shoe for at least two weeks after surgery to cover the treated area and.

. Debridement is a procedure used to clean out dead or infected skin and. Journal of Vascular Surgery: “Topical Oxygen Therapy Closes Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

The expert did his chief resident in a two-year surgical residency in Phoenix, AZ. Who gets foot and toe ulcers? Foot and toe ulcers can happen to many people but might be more common in Black, Native American and Hispanic people.


Glucose is produced from the food you eat and from the liver, which stores a form of glucose called glycogen.

Overall, among individuals with diabetes, two-thirds of eyes achieved a good visual outcome following cataract surgery. orthotics, or shoe inserts.

Chemotherapy. Tingling (pins and needles feeling) Spreading redness, red streak, warmth.

Shrikant Bhoyar is a General and Diabetic Foot Surgeon, Podiatrist in Borivali Mumbai.
Fusion and repositioning for unstable deformity —Simple removal of the.


Patients with severe hypoglycemia may experience unconsciousness or seizures due to.

Wear a surgical shoe for at least two weeks after surgery to cover the treated area and prevent swelling and other complications. Osteoarthritis. options to participate in clinical trials for qualifying patients.

. . . Treatments include: Custom orthotics. . He is board-certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery.

Diabetes Care: “Muscle Weakness and Foot Deformities in Diabetes.

Chemotherapy. .

Shrikant Bhoyar MBBS, MS Diabetic Foot Surgeon having experience of more than 35 years.


As diabetes takes on pandemic proportions, it is crucial for the orthopedic surgeon to be aware of the issues involved in diabetic foot.