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The translations are sorted from the most common to the less popular. Swahili Translation. .

Check 'global' translations into Swahili. kamusi za kamusi ni za kipekee.

kumsifu Bwana.

Each script should be translated and then recorded into a separate.

Swahili is pretty easy to master, because all you need to do is add the word ku before a verb to make it complete. .

Swahili (also known as Kiswahili) is one of the most spoken languages in Africa. Glosbe dictionary is a place where all languages meet.

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I created pdf documents listing all Swahili most used words with their english translations.

Tafsiri zimepangwa kutoka za kawaida hadi zisizo maarufu sana. italiano inglese italiano. .

English - Swati translator × English. Appunti di ki swahili il verbo 1 unfo. . Browse the use examples 'swahili' in the great English corpus. Unaweza kuona sio tu tafsiri ya kifungu unachotafuta, lakini pia jinsi kinavyotafsiriwa. .

praise the Lord.

Check 'Swahili' translations into Swahili. .

Utapata hapa: mabilioni ya misemo iliyotafsiriwa.

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Simple, right? 2.

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