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May 2023 IB Exam Schedule Week 1 Monday, May 1 AM PM Tuesday, May 2 AM (8:30) PM Physics HL P1 1h Physics SL P1 45m Physics SL P3 1h Physics HL P3 1h 15m Wednesday, May 3 AM (8:30am) PM (12:00) Physics HL P2 2h 15m Literature HL P1 2h 15m Physics SL P2 1h 15m Literature SL P1 1h 15m Lit & Perf.

May 2023 IB Exam Schedule.

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Fee info. Europe, Asia and Asia Pacific are TZ2 and America is TZ1 !!. 00.

SL P1 1h 30m Thursday, May 4 AM PM (1:00 pm. 2024 Examination Schedule • May.

They will run from Thursday 27 April 2023 through Friday 19 May 2023.

Revise up to six IB subjects.

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. 2024 Examination Schedule.

AP/IB Exam Schedule: May 2023.
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May 2023 IB Exams; IB at Cleveland High School; IB Options: Diploma vs.

May 16 IB World Religions P2 Schola IB Spanish P1-2 (Reading) Schola. You can find your. IB.

Except for English, Spanish and French, Language A examinations are scheduled separately from Language B. For those whose sons will be sitting for one or more IB exams, the following pdf clarifies expectations for all students who sit for tests: What You Need to Know About IB Exams. . . Exam Zone A: UTC +12 to UTC +3. .

5), Exam Zone B is Europe and Africa (UTC+3 to UTC+0), and Exam Zone C is the Americas (UTC -1 to UTC -10).

There are three different exam zones: A, B, and C. Arrive 10 minutes before the posted exam time.

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The schedule for the next Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) examination sessions are below.


2024 Examination Schedule • The exam schedule in 2024 will start on Thursday April 20225 4, and end on Friday 17.

For students taking IB exams in November 2023, their scores will be released to their schools on January 2, 2024, and students will have access to their scores either that day or the following day.